We are the Donders Sleep & Memory Lab, based at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Join our summer school:
Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep

featuring the following speakers and topics:

Sleep and memory
– Björn Rasch, University of Fribourg: Sleep and memory reactivation
– Ken Paller, Northwestern University: Targeted memory reactivation
– Gabrielle Girardeau, Institut du Fer-a-Moulin: Reactivations of emotional memory
– Lisa Genzel, Donders Institute: Sleep for systems memory consolidation
– Francesco Battaglia, Donders Institute: Sleep and memory dynamics
– Freyja Ólafsdóttir, Donders Institute: Grid and place cell replay

Sleep medicine
– Jessica Payne, University of Notre Dame: Sleep and stress
– Eus van Someren, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience: Insomnia
– Luciana Besedovsky, University of Tübingen: Sleep and immunological function
– Jurgen Claassen, Radboudumc: Sleep and Alzheimer’s disease

– Michael Schredl, Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim: Dreaming
– Francesca Siclari, University of Lausanne: Neural correlates of dreaming
– Stephen LaBerge, Lucidity Institute: Lucid dreaming
– Benjamin Baird, University of Wisconsin: Lucid dreaming – new developments
– Jennifer Windt, Monash University: Philosophy of dreaming

– Michael Czisch, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry: Combined sleep EEG-fMRI
– Frederik Weber, Donders Institute: Sleep EEG analysis with SleepTrip
– Róbert Bódizs, Semmelweis University Budapest: Sleep spindle analysis
– Giovanni Piantoni, Utrecht University: Intracranial sleep EEG analysis
– Hong-Viet Ngo, Birmingham University: Closed-loop stimulation of slow oscillations
– Lucia Talamini, University of Amsterdam: Closed-loop targeted memory reactivation
– Roy Cox, Bonn University: Analysis of continuous sleep oscillations
– Kristoffer Appel, Osnabrueck University: Open sleep hardware

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