Symposium 12-14 July 2019

Metacognition night and day:
lucid dreaming, mind wandering and mindfulness

Stephen LaBerge (Lucidity Institute): Lucid dreaming

Jennifer Windt (Monash University): Mental autonomy in dreaming and mind wandering

Peter Fazekas (Antwerp University): Stimulus-independent experiences and metacognitive awareness

Myrthe Faber (Donders Institute): Neuroscience of mind wandering

Marieke van Vugt (Groningen University): Mind wandering and mindfulness

Tadas Stumbrys (Vilnius University): Lucid dreaming and mindfulness

Benjamin Baird (University of Wisconsin): Lucid dreaming, mind wandering and mindfulness

Philipp Kanske (Dresden University): Mind wandering and mindfulness in pathological conditions

Corina Greven (Donders Institute): Mindfulness-based interventions for ADHD

Nirit Soffer-Dudek (Ben-Gurion University): Positive and negative aspects of lucid dreaming

Ursula Voss (Frankfurt University): Dissociation and insight in altered states

Michelle Carr (Swansea University): Lucid dream induction

Martin Dresler (Donders Institute): Lucid dreaming training

Kristoffer Appel (Osnabrück University): Dream communication

Ken Paller / Karen Konkoly (Northwestern University): Two-way communication during dreaming

Delphine Oudiette (Inserm, Paris): Lucid dreamers with narcolepsy as undercover agents in the dream world

More information and registration:

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